thefostersabcf: Maia’s smile is contagious! #thefosters

thefostersabcfMaia’s smile is contagious! #thefosters

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this will be my child


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The Fosters + text posts

Inspired by x

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I love my skin!

This makes me sad because we have to advertise accepting our skin and loving the various shades we come in to little children because that’s where the ignorance is taught and it’s sad that we can’t just accept our skin color and not have to put each other down. But this is also a great thing because it’s teaching our younger generation. *deep sigh*

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I just love them 😍💖 @SherriSaum1 @TeriPolo1 @MaiaMitchell
I just love them 😍💖 @SherriSaum1 @TeriPolo1 @MaiaMitchell

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NOT that I approve of this type of behavior between Brandon and Callie, but just saying.

It’d be kind of sexy—like Jesus and Lexi back in the throwback episodes.

I see u Anti-Brallie shippers throwing daggers at me. I see u.

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so I come home from school and I see #cancelaustinandally trending what

Do u know now how we felt when the raura fandom trended stop teen beach movie or something like this???

yeah raura shippers were being childish and they wanted…

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Alex spent the last two weeks of shooting 1st season in a hospital nightgown. hanging out on set. during his lunch and dinner breaks. and on his last day, that’s what he was wearing when he posed for farewell pictures with the crew. (photos by Terri Minsky) 

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